How Much Research is Needed?

Embedded in this website is research published by the Village research team. In addition, many years teaching Qigong and Taiji verifies the healing benefits. Of course, my preferred Qigong practice is the 24 Posture Therapeutic Qigong for good reason. More on this later. There has been well over a thousand research studies on many health issues. They include cancer, arthritis, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, Anxiety, depression, PTSD, learning disabilities, diabetes and many other miladies that plague the population. most studies are positive. The point is, how much information is needed before the health system integrates these practices as part of the healing process for the patient? It would appear obvious that that the medical system can not heal you. That is the job of the body. However the system is necessary to support the bodies ability to heal.

Now, this is where Qigong comes in, just the BASIC benefits of Qigong, reduces inflammation, reduces stress and boosts the immune response All three are necessary for the body to heal, however, the additional benefits go far beyond these and are a perfect holistic healing system.

My next blog will explain how the 24 posture Qigong impacts the physiology of the body and increases the natural healing processes. Until then, be well! 

a little bit about myself

I have been teaching Taiji, Qigong and Karate for 25 years starting in Toronto. I opened my studio in 1999, St. Catharines Ontario. From here on in I’ll focus on Taiji and Qigong. I had been teaching both for some time and I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. Then I went to a Taiji Fan workshop with Grand Master Helen Wu in 2002. That was the changing point in my life. I was so impressed with Sifu Helen I asked if she would take me as a private student and she agreed. After four years of weekly trips to Toronto I received my 4th generation diploma presented to me by Grand Master Helen Wu and her mother and father, Grand Masters Wang Ju-Rong and Dr. Wu Cheng De.

Sifu taught me 4 Fan forms, Sun, Chen and Yang Taiji forms but to me the greatest gift was the 20 posture therapeutic Qigong for health healing and longevity. This system was developed by her Grandfather Wang Zi-Ping and her Father in the 1950’s and published in pamphlet format. It was published as a system to “treat disease and prolong life.”  Sifu Helen added Four additional postures to make this 24 Posture Therapeutic Qigong for Health (prevention), Healing and longevity (the ability to participate in life until the end).

As I started teaching this system in my classes, students started telling me stories about their health that caught my attention “I’m off all my puffers” (asthma) “no more back pain” and so on. I was teaching Taiji at a cancer care support centre and added this Qigong. The student’s experiences were exceptional. Now we have personal stories of healing covering a large range of health issues. This story I just heard today. A 94 year old student who has had cancer twice started Qigong 9 years ago. No signs of cancer, her bones are growing (minimal but are growing according to bone density tests). 2 days ago she was taking the bus home from shopping “alone” (longevity). The bus stopped and she fell, cut her head which required stitches. Now remember she is 94, she went to the hospital and the doctors wanted a list of medications she must be taking. They could not believe she was not on any medications. (Exception was a thyroid medication due to removal from cancer.) She got the stitches and went home. She does this Qigong routine every day. I here amazing stories like this every day from students and certified Instructors across Canada and the United States.

So my search for why has been continuous. In this search I have developed a medical board and a research team from students who have experienced the benefits. Look for our research in this section. My belief is we can help anyone.

Next blog I will explain how this system works from a western medical model.

Until then, Blessings to all.