Sword Imperatives


Sword Imperatives


Sword Imperatives is a beautifully written book with captivating stories, clearly described movements, photos and illustrations.

The Chinese double edged sword is known in martial arts traditions as the King of Blades. It is regarded by both scholars and martial artists as the most distinguished of all weapons.

Sword ownership in ancient China represented power, prestige and rank. Sword Imperatives is the authoritative reference book dedicated to the proper and effective use of the double edged sword.

Whether you practice sword for health or for martial artist, you will find this book the foremost guide to mastery in sword skills. With practice, you will be able to move the sword in perfect balance and harmony like an agile phoenix twisting and turning effortlessly with grace and power.


This book includes:

  • Brief philosophy and history of sword development
  • 29 essential sword movements and drills
  • Green Dragon Kung Fu Sword routine
  • 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword routine
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